Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mentor Text Linky

I am linking up with Staci and Amanda for their mentor text linky today. I am very excited about their linky parties because I feel excited and confident I can do a linky correctly since I do not do them often.

Well as for my mentor text during the beginning of the year iwasalays pulling out my trusty First Day Jitters book. It is one that I know the kids always loves well as I do to watch their faces when the surprising ending occurs.

However last year I was feeling I needed something else and that is when I stumbled upon Juice Box Bully. I am not sure where I first read about it but the book sparked my interest because in our school, being slow income area, we find that we have a lot of bullying among our older kids. We are constantly having assemblies and special clubs started for the kids to have an outlet away from bullying.

It is about a teacher who during  the first few days of school has anew kid enter the class and that student comes in fired up and ready to bully and show how tough he can be. The other kids in the class explain how they signed a contract to stand up for one another and not bully each other. They provide a sample of the contract in the book. My class and I wrote a very similar pledge/contract during our first few days and posted it as a reminder during those times it's difficult to get along or stand up to others.

So here goes the linky part. I hope I do this right!

Link up with Staci and Amanda and share what mentor text you use in the first few days of school!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blog Lovin'

I am linking up with this fun linky party to find new blogs to read and admire as well as find fellow third grade bloggers (since now I will be moving to third)

Be sure to check out Tori's step by step instructions and follow some new blogs as well as gain some new followers. Please check out my blog at Bloglovin' !!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Technology Question and a Move

Well I know that I have been M.I.A for a long time but this year really took it out of me and before I knew it the year was over. Well not exactly since kids last day is tomorrow and ours is Thursday....counting down the hours can you tell? 

My big news to end this crazy year is that I am moving grades. I am going from fourth to third. It is not that I care and I am excited for the challenge but I am nervous since there will be three third grade classes next year and the other two teachers are not set in stone yet. I am one who loves preparing and mapping it out over the summer (to an me I won't miss our vacation time) and to not know and feeling on my own is a bit overwhelming. Any suggestions or advice from experienced third grade teachers I would appreciate it. Thankfully my girlfriend, Nicole, is also a third grade teacher at another school in the district so I know she will look out for me. 

Anyways my big goal this summer is to get creative and make QR math center activities as well as some poke cards for independent math practice. Thanks to Elizabeth in Fun in Room 4B and many others for their original work and my many purchases on TpT but this year I would love to show my creative side as well. Plus I am hoping that if I join back in on Tara's Monday Made It it will keep me more on track. However here is my big dilemma....I am unsure what program is best to create such things as a layout for cards that I can input the QR code on. Any suggestions? I know I sound childish or inexperienced but I would love to learn more. Any help or any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

More to come of pictures from this year and the fun activities we did as well as more posts.