Monday, September 3, 2012

Where has the time gone?

Well I know that it has been a little while since last post and it was my original goal to be writing either daily or two or three times a week but I had to cut myself some slack we were away on a cruise and internet access was not being paid for.

School starts tomorrow for teachers and I am a fluster thinking of all the things I should have done before now (the night before) or could have done to be ahead of the game. I feel like all those things I told myself sounded so great at the end of June looking ahead to all the time I had off and now that the time is over...who was I kidding? That time flew so fast I was lucky I got the tons of things done that I did!!

I am up to 4 followers and feeling pretty excited about that, especially because only one is a friend from my own school. So a great big thank you goes out to you three ladies who have been watching!Pass me on to others please! I am trying very hard to keep this blogging thing up and get more into all the craziness of it! I hope to have more this week. We will be sitting in on four days worth of in-service meetings, curriculum changes, and CCS info. I will share with you my thoughts on it all and hope to get some of your feedback as well.

More to come tomorrow after the first hectic day back!

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