Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year with Goals in Mind 

I am joining up with Jessica from First Grade Parade for my goals for 2014 with a new start especially towards my approach on blogging. 

Those resolutions speak for themselves and now a few more personal and professional goals to stay focused on in the classroom.

I want to learn more about Genius Hour projects. I had read Teaching Like a Pirate over the summer about passions within the classroo. Then I found out about these projects  within the classroom based on those types of passions such as why o how do things work or where do things come from.Truly pojects that drive the students and make  learning fun. 

Stay more organized with record keeping. I am very accurate about anecdotal notes by using the app Teacher Notes on my iPad throughout the day. Now I need to transfer those dates to my record sheets and I never remember to. Ineed to find a more accurate way to remind myself to complete. 

Read more books for pleasure. I need to develop a list of books that would be  good to read. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


I want to complete a triathalon locally. I have run three half marathons and I don't think I could run a full marathon but I want to move on from just running. 

Be sure to  link up with Jessica and be inspired by others and their goals. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year..New Goals

As we approah the new year quickly I began to realize that I have severely dropped the ball on  blogging. There were many reasons in my head why I dropped major being that I looked at everything everyone else was doing and thought my things or ideas are not nearly as cute or organized.But this year I am going to make it a goal to post two times a week and share all the wonderful things going on in my classroom even if I am the only one who thinks they are cute :) 

Anyways our Christmas was wonderful as always. This year was the first year I felt like my daughter really got the idea behind Santa brings presents, we leave cookies out for Santa and treats for the reindeer, we visit with family we do not get to see too often, It was amazing. The best part of this year was that my sister came home from Florida to surprise my mom. It was so great having my daughter get to see her at Christmas this year because last year we didn't see her either. 

I am going to see her down in Florida in 3 weeks but I am going for a sister weekend so glad we all saw her this time. Hard to see her go though last night :( 

Well I am getting ready for New Year's Eve and I was thinking of planning activities for my daughter to open every hour she stays awake, like do puzzles, make a special treat, make special craft. Any ideas? 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Currently 

My yummy pin is an adult pin but let's be serious...we all enjoy a nice cocktail every once in awhile. Here is the receipe for it

I hate to not have a source to give credit but let me know if you wrote this up and I would definitely give you credit for it. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Creepy Monday 

Well another Monday has come and gone...and thank goodness! Anyways here is my first attempt at a My Truth Monday from Denise over at Sunny Days in Second 

Link up along with me and let us know what creeps you out the most! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Manic Monday

So I am going to try this manic Monday for my new Slant box partner...Lindsey...over at Miss Johnston's Room.  

Well I am still unbelievably sore from my pulled shoulder and my huge muscle spasms in the my right shoulder. I take for granted things I do daily on e you hurt your back...things such as washing your hair, getting out of bed, or sitting in a chair comfortably. So let's just keep that in mind as I got observed today at 2 PM with only an hour left of school and having just come in from recess and having library right before it. It was go go go for the entire day (as most Mondays are) and then having her walk in to just check in was icing on the cake. At least I was doing something some what exciting...or as exciting as reading nonfiction text and comparing continents gets.  We did all other aspects as much as possible but we will just see when I get it back. But really a Monday observation after a long weekend with my four year olds birthday party. Geez!! :) 

It was short but first attempt and still getting adjusted to the blogging world. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Currently

I love Farley's currently each month because I know I will make it a point to blog those times haha!

I am learning a little more about the blogging world each time I blog. I am excited to find out more treats and blogging tips :)

Listening: My hubby and his friend (both our friend) who works for my him is here watching TV and talking business. They have been doing it for about an hour and I feel like saying enough is enough lets just enjoy a beer :)

Loving: On Friday it was 79 when I walked out of school. It is the first week of October and I feel like I live in Florida. It is awesome...I am a little sad I haven't been able to pull out the boots yet but I am excited to continue wearing my dresses with jeans jacket :)

Thinking: About scrapbooking and knowing I am far behind on making my 3 yr olds pages. I have gotten into making pages for events and creating those scrapbook frames so I am a bit lazy on her actual book. I have learned about Project Life recently and I think I may try that approach with my daughter's preschool days. 

Wanting: I need to redo my gel manicure. Have you ever had one chip or one nail break and then feel the urge to pick at every other one? Well that is the point that I am at and now 5 hours later 5 of my nails are completely I think a trip to the salon after school is in order. Maybe we will make it a little girls trip and Sara can get a mini manicure as a treat...I mean her birthday is next week so why not?!

Needing: To not stress over my lesson plans anymore...or I will tell myself that so I won't get worked up as much. I think if I continue to say that they won't see so stressful and I won't hate my long hours of lesson planning. Anyone else finding that lesson planning is taking forever now with new evaluation models or new curriculum?

Treat: I absolutely love Class Dojo in my room. We use it every day and display it all day long. This allows for the students to know where they stand at any moment and it also explains to parents the types of behavior within the classroom because they sign up for the reports. It is awesome. If you have not tried it yet or seen it please do look into it! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Slant Box Changed My Entire Day

I can't believe I let the entire month of September fly by without even getting one blog in. This should tell you a little bit about how stressful, hectic, and overwhelming the beginning of this year has been. I am new to 3rd grade, from 4th grade, which I felt was going to be an easier transition than this because I knew what I wanted to get them to for being successful in 4th, but oh boy I did not prepare myself for how young they were. I also have a para this year, who FYI is the best person in the world and will be and already has been my savior thus far.

I only have a few short minutes before I need to head back to lesson planning and preparing but I wanted to share with you that I received my Slant Box this month, my first one ever, and I have never been so excited in my life! I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening the best present ever. Thanks to Amanda from Teaching Maddeness that my day was complete yesterday. Also a shout out to Lessons With Coffee and Jameson for putting this all together every month. It was the best surprise especially at the end of yesterday because I was at school all day then went straight to my second job at Outback and was exhausted when I got home to find this on my front door.

The way she put the box together it was like she really knew me. It was amazing. Thank you again Amanda!!

One thing I will leave you with and would appreciate feedback on. I have a student in my classroom this year who has Autism and has been having meltdowns every day. It is not at any particular time or during any subject. It varies every day and sometimes escalates to punching objects or stomping around the room yelling how mad he is. I am trying to find out a way to calm him down or even avoid him loosing control and keeping him involved in the class discussion and activities more. Right now the school behaviorist allows him to take a walk when he is having these moments but he must come back in a calmer mood and ready to work. Has anyone had more experience with students with Autism? What strategies worked for you? I know that no two children are exactly alike but after these past few days I am willing to try any and all strategies.

I will upload pictures of my slant box later tonight. More tomorrow!

Monday, September 9, 2013

First day back with students

I know this may seem odd for some bloggers it there that were back before Labor Day but for us in NJ this was our first day back with students. This should be an interesting year for both me and the kids. This is my first year in third after having taught fourth for four years. I keep finding myself reminding myself how young they are and how simplistic the directions need to start out being.
But I must say it was very enjoyable to be with them today. Such a difference to have kids that love school, love me and love everything we did throughout the day. This year will be great I know it! The kids are adorable! Ok so enough of my babbling on...

We did some awesome things today and I want to share some images before I call it quits for today. I have to remember to take pics of my finished room. I really love it!

Anyways some shots from first day...I am sad I didn't take a picture of their first QR scavenger hunt around the school.

Saving Fred was my favorite activity and will definitely do it every year. I forgot where I got from right now but if you did it tell me and I'll give credit.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

Love writing and taking the time to do Farley's currently each month. It is keeping me regular and motivates me a bit to get onto a regular blogging schedule with school going back.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Anniversary Vacation

Hello there! I am sorry I have not gotten into the Teacher's Week over on Blog Hopping but part of me is bumming because we are not allowed in our rooms yet so on Tuesday I would be sad I had nothing to share...but I do have some wonderful vacation pictures to share with you all. 

This year is our 5 year wedding anniversary (yikes...time flies!!) My hubby being the money savvy individual he is...researched and researched and planned and planned our little getaway to Niagara Falls without our little one. We were able to sleep in with no alarm...even though somehow I have been up by 8:30 everyday anyways...I guess I am just conditioned to be awake at this point....we explored the falls and today we are headed up to Toronto to explore and catch the baseball game. Hubby is very excited to see the stadium, so excited he is now planning on stopping at Cooperstown on our trip home Thursday. It is like he got bit by a baseball bug or something :)

I have many things to show you about my progress in my preparation in my classroom and the things I have crossed off my to-do list ever since the arrival of my new favorite toy, the laminator. But that will just have to wait until the weekend when we get home. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It finally came!!

Yes that is right everyone! My first official, personal laminator arrived in the mail today. I have never been so excited to get such a gift to myself in the mail! Let me explain a little further.....

The other day while I was reading through many of my favorite blogs I came across Clutter-Free Classrooms reminder from a previous post about things you never knew you needed and it was all about the personal laminator.

 I read about the need to just laminate as soon as you purchase a great item from TpT or when you have created one yourself (the later I have not yet accomplished but I will) and I got to thinking how right she is. At my school we have a woman who does our laminating and it can sometimes be weekly, bi-weekly, daily, etc. There is no schedule because she comes in to do it before her lunch para duties begin. Trust me we appreciate everything she does for us in our school and we appreciate her tedious tasks like laminating however there are moments where I just want something laminated so quick so I can cut it out and either hang it up or let the students use in centers. So voila I ordered my own immediately, along with a pack of 200 laminating sheets.

As soon as I got home tonight from my other job that is exactly what I did. I got everything out that I previously printed from the great resources on TpT and went to town. I am so excited to assemble the different things I purchased or use the things I purchased in different ways.

I will upload pictures later of all the wonderful things I have laminated!

Happy laminating and cutting!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

August Currently

Wow can't believe that is already August and the summer is coming to an end! I am cherishing every moment I get to spend with my daughter and I must say I am having an awesome summer...if I do say so myself!

Well onto Farley's wonderful Currently ( I never think I am doing these right as I am still unsure of all this technology related to websites)

Listening: My three year old makes me laugh and smile every single day with her singing abilities. She is entirely her mothers daughter because she loves listening to the music on Glee or Grease or Pitch Perfect or any movie/show that sings and dances. I know, I know some are inappropriate and she has no idea what she is saying or singing but when she remembers parts of the words or tries to dance like some of the characters it is hysterical. She is also really into singing Taylor Swift songs. Currently (no pun intended) she loves the song "22" She puts her fingers up for twos when she sings it in the song.
Loving: My hubby and I are leaving for a four day excursion to Niagara Falls. We have been planning this since January and I can't believe it is finally here and also kinda sad it is finally here because it means summer is coming to an end quicker than I hoped for. We are leaving Sunday and Sara will be staying with her grandparents (two nights at one and two nights at the other...sometimes its too much for one set of grandparents to handle for four nights) We are stopping in Cooperstown on the way so my hubby can see the Baseball Hall of Fame. I am kind of excited to see the women's section related to the movie, A League of Their Own
** Favorite part when he is giving the speech about their is no crying in baseball**

Thinking: I know I say this all the time but I need to be more on top of my blogging. I read daily about everyone else's and I never take the time to write on mine and after this summer of professional development to gear up for my grade change I have so much to share and to talk out with all of you wonderful bloggers.

Wanting: I read the other day on Clutter-Free Classroom blog about needing a personal laminator that I never knew I needed :) I decided spontaneously that she was right I did need I went right onto Amazon and ordered myself exactly that and I can't wait to get busy laminating and creating

Needing: I am currently reading (again no pun) for pleasure Gone Girl Well I just started it because I didn't know what a great hit it was until just recently. I figure on the nice long 8 hour drive Sunday I can have time to read. Professionally I am reading Dave Burgess Teaching Like A Pirate I am loving the book I just need to get on top of it and finish it. If I was more organized I would have participated in the blog chat about it. Is that still going on does anyone know or have I missed it?

B2S: My wonderful father built me a second bookcase and this time he put it on wheels that I can move it easier and also because I have the creative idea to paint the back of it with chalkboard paint and be able to use it for teachning moments in small groups or whole groups whatever I fancy. Second thing is I need to get my hands on Clutter-Free Classrooms Curriculum Guide Packet. I hope that this will keep me more organized especially going into a year brand new and with a co-worker who is brand new to teaching. My third thing is I read on one of the many blogs about these Japanese brand markers that are wonderful for the classroom for many reasons called Frixion markers. This is the first I am hearing of them and I could not be more excited for them. Does anyone else use these? Do you find them beneficial as a purchase?

Well off to comment on some blogs and read what others are saying in this month's Currently

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July currently

Hello all! Ting to get into a summer rythm of not only reading all the wonderful things posted by these awesome bloggers but writing on my own...yeah high hopes I know!

Anyhow how about a currently to get me going....

Listening: my 4 yr old loves the station the Hub in the mornings where cartoons like Little Ponies and Pound Puppies is on. I never cared for them as a kid but more power to her then loving all that stuff like Yo Gabba Gabba ( I know I said it I hate that show...I don't know why exactly it just bothers me)

Loving: My hubby and I missed the showing of the first season of The Following when originally aired but they are replaying over summer and I absolutely love it. So intense and addicting. I recently read a review of Gone Girl and thought I had to go out and pick it up. I am so glad I did! I'm really into it so far

Thinking: I work at Outback during the summer and occasionally during the school year and today is just one of those days I'm not motivated to get up and go,

Wanting: With changing grade levels this year I thought I'd get a new decor going and saw all cute things owl related and thought I want to do that. Can't seem to find anything quite yet but I'm hoping.

Needing: I'm teaching a week summer enrichment class about mysteries and I thought what better then a mystery Skype but now problem is to find someone else willing to answer my kids questions in the middle of the summer

Tips, tricks, hints: I feel like that is my new mantra for the summer. I just need to now keep repeating it to myself. Lets see how that goes over.

Next goal is to post for this Monday Made it ....check back soon!,

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mentor Text Linky

I am linking up with Staci and Amanda for their mentor text linky today. I am very excited about their linky parties because I feel excited and confident I can do a linky correctly since I do not do them often.

Well as for my mentor text during the beginning of the year iwasalays pulling out my trusty First Day Jitters book. It is one that I know the kids always loves well as I do to watch their faces when the surprising ending occurs.

However last year I was feeling I needed something else and that is when I stumbled upon Juice Box Bully. I am not sure where I first read about it but the book sparked my interest because in our school, being slow income area, we find that we have a lot of bullying among our older kids. We are constantly having assemblies and special clubs started for the kids to have an outlet away from bullying.

It is about a teacher who during  the first few days of school has anew kid enter the class and that student comes in fired up and ready to bully and show how tough he can be. The other kids in the class explain how they signed a contract to stand up for one another and not bully each other. They provide a sample of the contract in the book. My class and I wrote a very similar pledge/contract during our first few days and posted it as a reminder during those times it's difficult to get along or stand up to others.

So here goes the linky part. I hope I do this right!

Link up with Staci and Amanda and share what mentor text you use in the first few days of school!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blog Lovin'

I am linking up with this fun linky party to find new blogs to read and admire as well as find fellow third grade bloggers (since now I will be moving to third)

Be sure to check out Tori's step by step instructions and follow some new blogs as well as gain some new followers. Please check out my blog at Bloglovin' !!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Technology Question and a Move

Well I know that I have been M.I.A for a long time but this year really took it out of me and before I knew it the year was over. Well not exactly since kids last day is tomorrow and ours is Thursday....counting down the hours can you tell? 

My big news to end this crazy year is that I am moving grades. I am going from fourth to third. It is not that I care and I am excited for the challenge but I am nervous since there will be three third grade classes next year and the other two teachers are not set in stone yet. I am one who loves preparing and mapping it out over the summer (to an me I won't miss our vacation time) and to not know and feeling on my own is a bit overwhelming. Any suggestions or advice from experienced third grade teachers I would appreciate it. Thankfully my girlfriend, Nicole, is also a third grade teacher at another school in the district so I know she will look out for me. 

Anyways my big goal this summer is to get creative and make QR math center activities as well as some poke cards for independent math practice. Thanks to Elizabeth in Fun in Room 4B and many others for their original work and my many purchases on TpT but this year I would love to show my creative side as well. Plus I am hoping that if I join back in on Tara's Monday Made It it will keep me more on track. However here is my big dilemma....I am unsure what program is best to create such things as a layout for cards that I can input the QR code on. Any suggestions? I know I sound childish or inexperienced but I would love to learn more. Any help or any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

More to come of pictures from this year and the fun activities we did as well as more posts.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Using QR codes in Math Centers

I have been exploring ways to use QR codes throughout the day in different areas with my students. I find them so intriguing. I had previously used QR codes to conduct a scavenger hunt about American Revolution. I recently found on TpT through Flapjack Resources a variety of different skills that allow for self- monitoring with QR codes. Here are some pictures of their work. I am trying to do more blogging so here it goes.