Sunday, March 3, 2013

QR code scavenger hunt and Dr. Seuss Reading

This week we ended all our hard work with a special reading to my cousins kindergarten class in Colorado via Skype. We read aloud to them Green Eggs and Ham. Each one of my students took a turn reading a page and then showed them the pictures. We loved being great reading models for our younger friends.

We then did a scavenger hunt using QR codes to review our study of American Revolution. They worked in groups with our iPads( we borrowed from the kindergarten rooms) and searched for 19 different questions placed throughout the school. They scanned the code to get a question pop up. Their job the first day was just to find all questions and write down the questions. Since we ran out of time we will answer those questions next time. The students were so motivated,so excited and very well behaved. I was so proud of them.

I found all of this through the website Class tools

Oh and a huge shout out to Erin for updating my blog with this beautiful design...I've become so motivated to keep up with my blogging. More soon!

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