Monday, April 1, 2013

April Currently

Linking up with Fab Farley's currently for April Currently

This is my second currently. It was still a little hard for me to understand how to do and post it but I had fun trying and look forward to updating more. Oh I do want to add that I am looking for advice as the easiest way to upload to the blog from your iPad. Are you just using Safari or is there an app? Thanks!


  1. Your blog is adorable - I'm your newest follower. I didn't see your currently above though - maybe I need to refresh my screen. I will check back later so I can read it :)

    I used to teach 4th grade for 2 years, then 3rd for many years, and now I'm in 1st. Looking forward to stopping back in the future.

    First Grade Smiles

  2. I just read your post about the QR codes - I bet your kids had a blast! How motivating!

    Also, supercute blog design.
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  3. I love your blog design too! It's super cute. I couldn't read your Currently either! : (

    Common Core Teacher's Toolbox

  4. Thanks everyone! I finally figured out how to upload the currently picture. I got it all worked out now :) Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I found you on the April Currently! I am TOTALLY syncing up my phone right now so I can watch the Real Housewives reunion at the gym!
    Come and check out my current Currently!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  6. Visiting from Currently. Your blog design is super bright and cheerful. I'm checking out Smart Notebook now :)
    I'm proud to be follower number fifteen. :)

    Read With Me ABC

  7. Always fun to find other upper elementary bloggers. I'm teaching 4th next year, so I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road