Monday, September 9, 2013

First day back with students

I know this may seem odd for some bloggers it there that were back before Labor Day but for us in NJ this was our first day back with students. This should be an interesting year for both me and the kids. This is my first year in third after having taught fourth for four years. I keep finding myself reminding myself how young they are and how simplistic the directions need to start out being.
But I must say it was very enjoyable to be with them today. Such a difference to have kids that love school, love me and love everything we did throughout the day. This year will be great I know it! The kids are adorable! Ok so enough of my babbling on...

We did some awesome things today and I want to share some images before I call it quits for today. I have to remember to take pics of my finished room. I really love it!

Anyways some shots from first day...I am sad I didn't take a picture of their first QR scavenger hunt around the school.

Saving Fred was my favorite activity and will definitely do it every year. I forgot where I got from right now but if you did it tell me and I'll give credit.

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