Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year..New Goals

As we approah the new year quickly I began to realize that I have severely dropped the ball on  blogging. There were many reasons in my head why I dropped major being that I looked at everything everyone else was doing and thought my things or ideas are not nearly as cute or organized.But this year I am going to make it a goal to post two times a week and share all the wonderful things going on in my classroom even if I am the only one who thinks they are cute :) 

Anyways our Christmas was wonderful as always. This year was the first year I felt like my daughter really got the idea behind Santa brings presents, we leave cookies out for Santa and treats for the reindeer, we visit with family we do not get to see too often, It was amazing. The best part of this year was that my sister came home from Florida to surprise my mom. It was so great having my daughter get to see her at Christmas this year because last year we didn't see her either. 

I am going to see her down in Florida in 3 weeks but I am going for a sister weekend so glad we all saw her this time. Hard to see her go though last night :( 

Well I am getting ready for New Year's Eve and I was thinking of planning activities for my daughter to open every hour she stays awake, like do puzzles, make a special treat, make special craft. Any ideas? 


  1. You'd be surprised how just blogging whatever is going on will truly be of help to you. When I first started blogging, I felt the same way, but I decided to stick with it. Join in linkys, comment on blogs, reply back to comments. In the last several months I've made several life-long friends, grown as an educator, and have felt more confident in my blogging.

    May this be your best year of blogging yet!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  2. Thanik you so much. I will definitely keep all those suggestions in mind when I start off this year. Thanks again! Always nice to hear supportive words