Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Bit Confused

I keep exploring everyone's blogs and ideas about different classroom ideas for the upcoming school year...FYI I do not go back until Sept 4th and the kids do not return til the crazy is that?! Anyways I am trying to boost up my blog but I am a bit confused with many steps

For instance no idea how to link up to many different the new teacher linky or other such things...can anyone walk a newbie through it?

Also what is the benefit of such a thing as a button? A lot of pages say "grab my button" why do I want to do that?

I know this seems silly but I am so intrigued by the entire blogging world that I want to understand it more...

Pretty soon I will be putting up pictures of before and after in the classroom and its new 2012-2013 set-up. I am going to go in early to start working because we will be away the last week of August when most of the teachers will head sometimes its nice to be there while no one else is to gather your thoughts and get things going


  1. You can link up to other blogs by first writing a post for whatever the linky party is for. Then, you view your post and copy the link (http web address). Then you go to whatever site is hosting the linky party click the usually blue button that says 'link up' then you paste in the url, add the name you would like to be seen as and then add in your e-mail.
    Hope that wasn't too confusing?! It takes awhile to become familiar with everything in blogging took me quite awhile :P Don't worry though, you will get a hang of it!! LMK if you every have other questions that I can help you with!!

  2. I grab other bloggers' buttons and share them on my blog to let my readers know other great blogs to follow. Welcome to the blogging world! It is a lot to learn. I have been blogging for a while but am just now starting to figure things out. Like Courtney, I am willing to help out if you have a question. I may not know the answer but will try my best to help out.

    Thinking Out Loud