Sunday, August 12, 2012

Diving in Head First

Well this is it! I am heading straight into the blogging world head first and not looking back for a second. I guess I should let you know what prompted this decision and where I hope to see this blog progress to eventually. 

It was about a month ago I was searching through Pinterest and got looking into different ideas for math centers for this upcoming school year. Well out of no where I found myself linking to a series of blogs that were created by this inspiring teachers who create things weekly or even daily (NUTS!! right?!?!) shared ideas, shared lesson plans, and just opened themselves up to sharing their experiences as teachers. I thought that this was amazing because here I am just having finished my first official year as a 4th grade teacher and I keep thinking to myself, "am I the only who is struggling to understand this?" or "what am I doing wrong?" and these teachers were doing just that in this create format of a blog. I had previously had a personal blog for documenting Sara's beautiful life and how our lives have changed since her but never thought to create a blog to share my other passion, teaching! Well here I go then jumping right in!

I hope to use this blog as a way to be more creative with technology as well as with my classroom and students. I am also hoping to see myself branch out and use different ideas as well as different teaching styles as I learn more from other fellow teachers. I just have to keep this up once school starts, which FYI is not for another 3 weeks. Thank goodness! I do not know that I am ready to say goodbye to my summer break yet! 

Well off to discover more gadgets and pieces to make my blog stand out and become more useful for myself as well as others!

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