Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Connecting with Pinterest

Okay so another love I have connected with over the summer was that of Pinterest.

At first I must admit I did not understand the hype about it and how everyone kept relaying things or ideas by saying, "Oh I found it on Pinterest." Well that did it. I had to know what everyone was talking about. So I looked into and I must say I am hooked!! I love everything it allows you to do...like connect with other fellow educators, parents, crafters, scrapbookers to share ideas and display work.

Here are just a few of the things that I found extremely interesting this time around on Pinterest:

Organization/homework folders

 The use of the OWL binder or MOOSE folder to keep the students organized and communication with parents on a consistent basis.

The use of Smart Beads is interesting. I read about it on Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher and I like the idea of the students being able to walk around throughout the day with the beads and being recognized by other individuals for having them. It will be the constant confidence builder! I may have to look into big, bold beads for them.

 My other interest this summer is the use of foldables. I think they are the best idea I have learned about this summer. The basis behind them is to give the students more ownership over their notebooks and their note taking skills. Plus information sinks in deeper when students have a greater sense of ownership over the idea! I found a ton of great examples over on a Teacher's Treasures

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  1. Yes, Pinterest is awesome!! It makes researching ideas for the classroom and home and basically anything SO EASY!! I love it :)