Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July currently

Hello all! Ting to get into a summer rythm of not only reading all the wonderful things posted by these awesome bloggers but writing on my own...yeah high hopes I know!

Anyhow how about a currently to get me going....

Listening: my 4 yr old loves the station the Hub in the mornings where cartoons like Little Ponies and Pound Puppies is on. I never cared for them as a kid but more power to her then loving all that stuff like Yo Gabba Gabba ( I know I said it I hate that show...I don't know why exactly it just bothers me)

Loving: My hubby and I missed the showing of the first season of The Following when originally aired but they are replaying over summer and I absolutely love it. So intense and addicting. I recently read a review of Gone Girl and thought I had to go out and pick it up. I am so glad I did! I'm really into it so far

Thinking: I work at Outback during the summer and occasionally during the school year and today is just one of those days I'm not motivated to get up and go,

Wanting: With changing grade levels this year I thought I'd get a new decor going and saw all cute things owl related and thought I want to do that. Can't seem to find anything quite yet but I'm hoping.

Needing: I'm teaching a week summer enrichment class about mysteries and I thought what better then a mystery Skype but now problem is to find someone else willing to answer my kids questions in the middle of the summer

Tips, tricks, hints: I feel like that is my new mantra for the summer. I just need to now keep repeating it to myself. Lets see how that goes over.

Next goal is to post for this Monday Made it ....check back soon!,


  1. Hi Lindsay - I'm completely on board with your new room, owl-based excitement. I'm doing exactly the same! Good luck with all your preparations :D

    Claire x

  2. Hi Lindsay!
    I'm your August SLANT box partner and newest follower :)