Monday, August 5, 2013

August Currently

Wow can't believe that is already August and the summer is coming to an end! I am cherishing every moment I get to spend with my daughter and I must say I am having an awesome summer...if I do say so myself!

Well onto Farley's wonderful Currently ( I never think I am doing these right as I am still unsure of all this technology related to websites)

Listening: My three year old makes me laugh and smile every single day with her singing abilities. She is entirely her mothers daughter because she loves listening to the music on Glee or Grease or Pitch Perfect or any movie/show that sings and dances. I know, I know some are inappropriate and she has no idea what she is saying or singing but when she remembers parts of the words or tries to dance like some of the characters it is hysterical. She is also really into singing Taylor Swift songs. Currently (no pun intended) she loves the song "22" She puts her fingers up for twos when she sings it in the song.
Loving: My hubby and I are leaving for a four day excursion to Niagara Falls. We have been planning this since January and I can't believe it is finally here and also kinda sad it is finally here because it means summer is coming to an end quicker than I hoped for. We are leaving Sunday and Sara will be staying with her grandparents (two nights at one and two nights at the other...sometimes its too much for one set of grandparents to handle for four nights) We are stopping in Cooperstown on the way so my hubby can see the Baseball Hall of Fame. I am kind of excited to see the women's section related to the movie, A League of Their Own
** Favorite part when he is giving the speech about their is no crying in baseball**

Thinking: I know I say this all the time but I need to be more on top of my blogging. I read daily about everyone else's and I never take the time to write on mine and after this summer of professional development to gear up for my grade change I have so much to share and to talk out with all of you wonderful bloggers.

Wanting: I read the other day on Clutter-Free Classroom blog about needing a personal laminator that I never knew I needed :) I decided spontaneously that she was right I did need I went right onto Amazon and ordered myself exactly that and I can't wait to get busy laminating and creating

Needing: I am currently reading (again no pun) for pleasure Gone Girl Well I just started it because I didn't know what a great hit it was until just recently. I figure on the nice long 8 hour drive Sunday I can have time to read. Professionally I am reading Dave Burgess Teaching Like A Pirate I am loving the book I just need to get on top of it and finish it. If I was more organized I would have participated in the blog chat about it. Is that still going on does anyone know or have I missed it?

B2S: My wonderful father built me a second bookcase and this time he put it on wheels that I can move it easier and also because I have the creative idea to paint the back of it with chalkboard paint and be able to use it for teachning moments in small groups or whole groups whatever I fancy. Second thing is I need to get my hands on Clutter-Free Classrooms Curriculum Guide Packet. I hope that this will keep me more organized especially going into a year brand new and with a co-worker who is brand new to teaching. My third thing is I read on one of the many blogs about these Japanese brand markers that are wonderful for the classroom for many reasons called Frixion markers. This is the first I am hearing of them and I could not be more excited for them. Does anyone else use these? Do you find them beneficial as a purchase?

Well off to comment on some blogs and read what others are saying in this month's Currently

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  1. Love finding other east coast & upper elementary bloggers! =) I've always wanted to visit Cooperstown. Hope you have a great time!

    Third Grade in the First State