Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Anniversary Vacation

Hello there! I am sorry I have not gotten into the Teacher's Week over on Blog Hopping but part of me is bumming because we are not allowed in our rooms yet so on Tuesday I would be sad I had nothing to share...but I do have some wonderful vacation pictures to share with you all. 

This year is our 5 year wedding anniversary (yikes...time flies!!) My hubby being the money savvy individual he is...researched and researched and planned and planned our little getaway to Niagara Falls without our little one. We were able to sleep in with no alarm...even though somehow I have been up by 8:30 everyday anyways...I guess I am just conditioned to be awake at this point....we explored the falls and today we are headed up to Toronto to explore and catch the baseball game. Hubby is very excited to see the stadium, so excited he is now planning on stopping at Cooperstown on our trip home Thursday. It is like he got bit by a baseball bug or something :)

I have many things to show you about my progress in my preparation in my classroom and the things I have crossed off my to-do list ever since the arrival of my new favorite toy, the laminator. But that will just have to wait until the weekend when we get home. 

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