Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It finally came!!

Yes that is right everyone! My first official, personal laminator arrived in the mail today. I have never been so excited to get such a gift to myself in the mail! Let me explain a little further.....

The other day while I was reading through many of my favorite blogs I came across Clutter-Free Classrooms reminder from a previous post about things you never knew you needed and it was all about the personal laminator.

 I read about the need to just laminate as soon as you purchase a great item from TpT or when you have created one yourself (the later I have not yet accomplished but I will) and I got to thinking how right she is. At my school we have a woman who does our laminating and it can sometimes be weekly, bi-weekly, daily, etc. There is no schedule because she comes in to do it before her lunch para duties begin. Trust me we appreciate everything she does for us in our school and we appreciate her tedious tasks like laminating however there are moments where I just want something laminated so quick so I can cut it out and either hang it up or let the students use in centers. So voila I ordered my own immediately, along with a pack of 200 laminating sheets.

As soon as I got home tonight from my other job that is exactly what I did. I got everything out that I previously printed from the great resources on TpT and went to town. I am so excited to assemble the different things I purchased or use the things I purchased in different ways.

I will upload pictures later of all the wonderful things I have laminated!

Happy laminating and cutting!!

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