Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Currently

I love Farley's currently each month because I know I will make it a point to blog those times haha!

I am learning a little more about the blogging world each time I blog. I am excited to find out more treats and blogging tips :)

Listening: My hubby and his friend (both our friend) who works for my him is here watching TV and talking business. They have been doing it for about an hour and I feel like saying enough is enough lets just enjoy a beer :)

Loving: On Friday it was 79 when I walked out of school. It is the first week of October and I feel like I live in Florida. It is awesome...I am a little sad I haven't been able to pull out the boots yet but I am excited to continue wearing my dresses with jeans jacket :)

Thinking: About scrapbooking and knowing I am far behind on making my 3 yr olds pages. I have gotten into making pages for events and creating those scrapbook frames so I am a bit lazy on her actual book. I have learned about Project Life recently and I think I may try that approach with my daughter's preschool days. 

Wanting: I need to redo my gel manicure. Have you ever had one chip or one nail break and then feel the urge to pick at every other one? Well that is the point that I am at and now 5 hours later 5 of my nails are completely I think a trip to the salon after school is in order. Maybe we will make it a little girls trip and Sara can get a mini manicure as a treat...I mean her birthday is next week so why not?!

Needing: To not stress over my lesson plans anymore...or I will tell myself that so I won't get worked up as much. I think if I continue to say that they won't see so stressful and I won't hate my long hours of lesson planning. Anyone else finding that lesson planning is taking forever now with new evaluation models or new curriculum?

Treat: I absolutely love Class Dojo in my room. We use it every day and display it all day long. This allows for the students to know where they stand at any moment and it also explains to parents the types of behavior within the classroom because they sign up for the reports. It is awesome. If you have not tried it yet or seen it please do look into it! 


  1. I love Class Dojo! It is amazing!
    And, yes, lesson planning does take forever!
    Your blog design is adorable!
    Have a great week!
    Crayons and Curls

  2. I loved teaching 4th grade! I miss it so much!!!!
    I found your blog through "Currently"

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! Lesson Planning does take a long time - but I can say after 9 years, it has got easier! But then the curriculum will change again or something! I hope you are not finding it too stressful - big breaths!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning